Play and exercise time

Is available for an extra charge, sessions last 15 to 20 minutes.

Play Time

Your pet is off lead in a fenced in area being played with by one of our staff.

Exercise time

Your pet is walked on a "flexi" lead visiting the stream and woods.


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"Your Pet's Home Away From Home"

Brookside Kennels makes sure your pet is fully taken care of as you would at home. Enjoy peace of mind while you are on vacation, away on business, or just gone for the day.


    • Indoor and outdoor coverd runs:Long Run
      Inside runs are about 4 ft square
      Outside runs are 4ft x 20ft or 4ft x 12 ft.
    • Environmentally controlled inside:kennel is air conditioned and heated to a comfortable temperature.
    • Weather permitting, pets can go in and out as they wish during the day time and are closed in at night
    • Lamb wool bedding is given to each dog and changed daily.  You are welcome to provide your own bedding for your pet as well
    • Feeding:  we will feed our food or yours according to your pet's normal feeding schedule
    • Medications:  administered as directed for a nominal fee
    • Toys:  bring some of your dog's favorite toys to play with


  • Individual pens ranging in size from 2 ft x 3 ft to 2 ft x 5ft
  • The environment is controlled to a comfortable temperature
  • "Siesta" Bowls (round lamb wool beds) are used for your pet's comfort
  • Kitty litter is changed daily
  • Feeding: we will feed our food or your according to your pet's normal feeding schedule
  • Medication: administered as directed for a nominal fee
  • Toys: bring some of your pet's favorite toys to play with


All areas where pets stay are disinfected daily. We maintain a clean and healthy enviroment.


We offer all breed grooming for dogs and cats. We use the finest shampoos chosen with your pet's coat and skin needs in mind. Nails are trimmed and ears cleaned with each grooming. Our groomer is very experienced and uses no drugs. Most of our grooming clients are pets that have been with us for years.

Vaccinations/Health Issues

All pets must be up-to-date on their inoculations. For dogs we require DHL, rabies and Bordetella (kennel cough). For cats we require FVRCP and rabies. For dogs we suggest some form of flea and tick protection; for example, Frontline or Advantage. This is for the safety of your pet and the other pets staying with us. If your pet needs veterinarian care while staying with us, we make every effort to use your own veterinarian. We feel this is very important as your veterinarian knows your pet and will be able to give it the best care possible.

Special Meals

Holiday meals: we offer "Homemade" all natural holiday meals made in our own kitchen! At Thanksgiving, we serve turkey and gravy with potatoes and carrots and apple for dessert; July Fourth of course is hot dog time. Each major holiday will have it's own special meal or treat.


Brookside Kennels of Warren can help! We will take care of everything from boarding to shipping your pet when you are ready. We will see to every detail for your pet's move within the USA or overseas. Ask us for details.